Visit the digital edition of gradPSYCH, APA's magazine for psychology students, available online. The latest issue features articles on:

  • Will you earn what you're worth? Negotiating your first professional salary can be tricky. Get advice from experts and from early career psychologists who have been there.
  • Good news for interns: More students match this year: Efforts to address the psychology internship imbalance may have turned a corner.
  • Dissertation diaries: Follow along as four students narrate the ups and downs of their dissertations through video diaries.
  • Captivate the crowd: Aspire to give a TED talk someday? Follow these tips from public speaking pros.
  • Digital heartbreak: Psychologists are finding that how romance blooms — and withers — is different in the digital age.
  • Serving abroad: International assignments offer career opportunities and cultural insights.
  • Psi Chi's helping hand: Looking for a research grant or a chance to connect with like-minded scholars? Check out psychology's international honor society.