June 2014 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 45 No. 6

June 2014 Monitor on Psychology

Climate change communication heats up

  • Climate change communication heats up

    Environmental scientists, teachers, advocates and others are turning to psychologists’ research to help them educate the public about climate change.

Ethics Rounds


How many psychologists are licensed in the United States?


How many psychologists are licensed in the United States?

News from APA’s Center for Workforce Studies

Jane Pauley is this year’s convention keynoter

The legendary newscaster and mental health advocate will talk about her experience with bipolar disorder and her work to inspire reinvention.

Introducing APA's military and veterans team

New initiative brings a more coordinated, holistic approach to APA’s work on military issues.

A beloved leader retires from APA

After 14 years of pioneering contributions to psychology education, APA education chief Cynthia D. Belar is retiring.

The lasting impact of neglect

Psychologists are studying how early deprivation harms children — and how best to help those who have suffered from neglect.

Blogging for mental health

Patients, caregivers and even psychologists are using blogs and other social media to help each other — and themselves.

Operation mend

Psychological healing is central to care at a UCLA program for veterans and their families.

Artist expression

The arts provide the opportunity to explore our inner inspirations and depths, and not surprisingly, psychologists seem to have an affinity for artistic expression. This small sample shows how psychologists are using their love of music, dance and the visual arts to help others, to study human processes and simply to express themselves.

Connecting through the arts

Psychologists are using painting, music and other forms of art to heal, educate and strengthen communities.

D.C. convention highlights

APA’s divisions pick their top programs for the association’s 2014 Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., Aug. 7–10. All are welcome!

Random Sample


Daniel V. Foster, PsyD

Father of 11, Indian Health Service psychologist and former Olympian



Candidates express their views

Members will elect the association’s next president this fall.