Percentage of people with suicidal thoughts or behavior who do not receive treatment, according to a review of psychological factors that contribute to suicide in the May Lancet Psychiatry.


Fraction of homeless men who had suffered at least one traumatic brain injury, according to a study of residents in a Toronto shelter published in the April CMAJ Open. Eighty-seven percent of them experienced the injury before becoming homeless, suggesting that TBI could be a risk factor for homelessness.


How many more high school athletes had a concussion in 2012 than in 2005, according to an April study including 100 U.S. high schools in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Football had the highest concussion rate of the nine sports studied.


How many binge drinking episodes it takes to negatively affect health by allowing bacteria to leak from the gut into the bloodstream and trigger an immune response, according to a May study in PLOS ONE.