A wide variety of programs that explore the meeting point between the Internet and psychology is planned for APA's Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., Aug. 4­8. Below is a sampling of programs scheduled as the Monitor went to press.

For a complete list, consult the 2000 Convention Program catalogue, available in July, or visit the Annual Convention Web site: www.apa.org/convention.

Div. 12 (Clinical)

Symposium: "Virtual reality exposure therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders," Friday, 11 a.m.­12:50 p.m. Co-chairs: Page L. Anderson, PhD, Barbara O. Rothbaum, PhD. Participants: Larry F. Hodges, PhD, Samantha G. Smith, PhD, Anna M. Ruef, Brett T. Litz, PhD, Page L. Anderson, PhD, Elisa Bolton, Markus Wiegel, Stefan G. Hofmann, PhD. Discussant: David H. Barlow, PhD.

Div. 14 (Industrial and Organizational)

Symposium: "HR problematics in the information technology (IT) industry: What's new, what's not, and what can I/O contribute?" Friday, 2­3:50 p.m. Chair: Richard J. Klimoski, PhD. Participants: Fred Mael, PhD, Kara Incalcaterra, PhD, Sheila Webber, PhD, Ray Morath, Lisa Donahue, PhD. Discussants: Benjamin Schneider, PhD, Zhong-Ming Wang.

Div. 15 (Education)

Conversation Hour: "Critically examining the role of computer technology in education," Saturday, 10­10:50 a.m. Chair: Teena Willoughby, PhD. Par- ticipants: Jacqueline Specht, PhD, Sonya Symons, PhD, Eileen Wood, PhD.

Div. 17 (Counseling)

Symposium: "Career development on the Internet," Tuesday, 9­9:50 a.m. Co-chairs: Steve Herman, PhD, John D. Krumboltz, PhD. Participants: Steve Herman, PhD, Tanya K. McFadden, Judy Chartrand, PhD, Ginger Clark, John J. Horan, PhD, Amy Tompkins-Bjorkman, Sandra M. Dannenbaum, Theresa M. Kovalski, Gail Hackett, PhD. Discussant: John D. Krumboltz, PhD.

Div. 21 (Applied Experimental and Engineering)

Symposium: "Information technology breakthroughs: Building opportunities in the new millennium." Chair: Regina Colonia-Willner, PhD.

Presentation: "Electronic self-delivery systems breakthrough: Discovering what customers do during a merger." Participants: Regina Colonia-Willner, PhD, and John F. Larish, PhD.

Presentation: "Next-generation Web technology: Designing eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based systems." Participant: John F. Larish, PhD.

Presentation: "Using Interactive IT for distance learning in the psychology of aging." Participant: Anderson D. Smith, PhD. Discussant: Neil Charness, PhD.

Div. 23 (Consumer)

Symposium: "Issues in Internet marketing," Sunday, 1­2:50 p.m. Chair: Mary E. Huneke, PhD. Participants: Mary E. Huneke, PhD, Marlene D. Morris, PhD, Patricia Stout, PhD.

Div. 25 (Experimental Analysis of Behavior)

Paper Session: "Repeated acquisition of performance on a Java programmed instruction tutor," Saturday, 8­8:50 a.m. Participants: Henry H. Emurian, PhD, Jingli Wang, Ashley G. Durham, PhD.

Div. 26 (History)

Conversation Hour: "Using electronic media for teaching and studying history of psychology," Sunday, 4­4:50 p.m. Chair: Christopher D. Green, PhD. Participants: Christopher D. Green, PhD, Wade E. Pickren, PhD, Warren R. Street, PhD.

Div. 41 (American Psychology-Law Society)

Symposium: "Adults contacting children on the Internet for sex," Saturday, 1­2:50 p.m. Chair: Marsha B. Liss, PhD, JD. Participants: David L. Shapiro, PhD, Marilyn Bobula, JD, Andres E. Hernandez, PsyD, James T. Clemente, JD.

Div. 42 (Independent Practice)

Discussion: "How to develop and implement an online psychoeducational program," Sunday, 8­8:50 a.m. Chair: Marlene M. Maheu, PhD. Discussants: Marlene M. Maheu, PhD, Manny Tau, PsyD.

Symposium: "Teleconferencing, psychology, clergy and trauma response--innovative niche, innovative medium," Friday, 4­4:50 p.m. Chair: Barbara Wainrib, EdD. Participants: Elizabeth Carll, PhD, Steven J. Meyer, PhD. Discussant: Barbara Wainrib, EdD.

Symposium: "Innovations in practice--online therapeutic interventions and e-therapy," Tuesday, 9­10:50 a.m. Co-chairs: John M. Grohol, PsyD, Storm A. King. Participants: Yvette Colon, John Suler, PhD, Storm A. King, John M. Grohol, PsyD.

Symposium: "Psychologists as virtual coaches--taking your practice global," Tuesday, 10­11:50 a.m. Chair: Ben Dean, PhD. Participants: Ellen Ostrow, PhD, Michael Brickey, PhD, Jeffrey Rosenberg, PhD, Alan R. Graham, PhD, Cristen Haltom, PhD, Linda Tillman, PhD, Janet Hurwich, PhD, Carol Mathers, Jeremy Robinson, Jo-Linda Butterfield, PhD. Discussant: Lynne Hornyak, PhD.

Div. 43 (Family)

Roundtable Discussion: "Making parent education more accessible: Computer-based courses," Sunday, noon­12:50 p.m. Participant: Steven Nisenbaum, PhD.

Div. 46 (Media)

Symposium: "Cybersex and cyber-affairs on the Internet," Saturday, 8­8:50 a.m. Chair: Barry L. Gordon, PhD. Participants: David N. Greenfield, PhD, Barry L. Gordon, PhD, Dana E. Putnam, PhD. Discussants: Kimberly S. Young, PsyD, Marlene M. Maheu, PhD.

Symposium: "Violence, children, teens and the media: A comprehensive perspective," Saturday, 9­10:50 a.m. Chair: Elizabeth Carll, PhD. Participants: Elizabeth Carll, PhD, Ronald F. Levant, EdD, Joanne Cantor, PhD, Dorothy G. Singer, PhD. Discussant: Norine G. Johnson, PhD.

Workshop: "How to start a telehealth program," Sunday, 8­9:50 a.m. Chair: Mary B. Gregerson, PhD. Participants: Pamela Whitten, PhD, George J. Alexander, JD, Holly Russo. Discussant: Marlene M. Maheu, PhD.

Symposium: "Evaluating telehealth service delivery: Adult and pediatric issues," Monday, 8­9:50 a.m. Chair: Marlene M. Maheu, PhD. Participants: Peter J. Wass, PhD, Deborah Burton, Gary Holden, PhD, David Bearison, PhD, Diane Rode, Merri Fishman, Gary Rosenberg, PhD. Discussant: Mary B. Gregerson, PhD.

Symposium: "Information and misinformation on the Internet," Tuesday, 10­10:50 a.m. Chair: Janet M. Morahan-Martin, PhD. Participants: Christine F. Marton, Sonia Worotynec, Janet M. Morahan-Martin, PhD. Discussants: John M. Grohol, PsyD, John Suler, PhD.

Paper Session: "A computer simulation model of tobacco-related youth access policies," Tuesday, 11­11:50 a.m. Chair: Karen B. Friend, PhD. Participant: Karen B. Friend, PhD.

Div. 50 (Addictions)

Poster Session: "Addictive behaviors--alcohol, eating, gambling, smoking and the Internet," Sunday, 9­9:50 a.m. Co-chair: David C. Hodgins, PhD, Douglas M. Scheidt, PhD. Participants: Sue-Huei Chen, PhD, Sunny S.J. Lin, PhD, Chin-Chung Tsai, EdD, Kate B. Carey, PhD.

Symposium: "The use of technology in addictions research and treatment," Monday, 11 a.m.­12:50 p.m. Chair: R. Lorraine Collins, PhD. Participants: R. Lorraine Collins, PhD, David Duncan, PhD, Reid Hester, PhD, John S. Searles, PhD, Harvey Skinner, PhD. Discussant: R. Lorraine Collins, PhD.

Div. 54 (Society of Pediatric Psychology)

Symposium: "Technology innovations in pediatric psychology: Research on Starbright initiatives," Sunday, 10­11:50 a.m. Chair: Ronald T. Brown, PhD. Participants: Ann Hazzard, PhD, Marianne Celano, PhD, Gary Holden, PhD, Marietta Collins, PhD, Lori S. Wiener, PhD, Haven B. Battles, Vida L. Tyc, PhD, Lauren V. Wood, MD, Lee Helman, MD. Discussant: Joe Bush, PhD.

Board of Professional Affairs

Symposium: "Current issues in telehealth for psychologists," Friday, 1­2:50 p.m. Chair: Antoinette L. Anker, PhD. Participants: Emily Bentley, JD, David W. Nickelson, PsyD, JD, A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, PhD, Norma P. Simon, EdD, David S. Hargrove, PhD, Dale Cannon, PhD, Morgan T. Sammons, PhD, Antoinette L. Anker, PhD, Leigh W. Jerome, PhD, Robert Glueckauf, PhD.

Board of Education Affairs

Poster Session: "Board of Educational Affairs interactive technology session--demonstrations on technology applications in teaching, learning, training and supervision," Friday, 10­11:50 a.m. Chair: Virginia Andreoli Mathie, PhD. Participants: Deborah S. Briihl, PhD, Paula Goolkasian, PhD, Sheryl M. Hartman, PhD, T.E. LeVere, PhD, Mary E. McKemy, PhD, Thomas W. Miller, PhD, Tonja L. Ringgold, Joan I. Rosenberg, PhD, Thomas Treadwell, PhD, Brian M. Austin, PhD, Lynne Saba, PhD.

Publications and Communications Board

Workshop: "APA's online member services: making the Web really work for you," Friday, 4­4:50 p.m. Participant: Eva Winer.