Several Web sites offer tutorials and advice to psychologists and other researchers who want to create Web-based surveys and experiments. You can learn how to design and program your own Web site or use software packages that guide you in creating questionnaires and simple experiments.

Here are a few of the sites psychologists are using to design Web-based studies:

  • "FactorWiz," by Michael Birnbaum, PhD, California State University, Fullerton, creates an HTML Web page for experiments using factorial designs. The user specifies the number of rows and columns, and factor values, and the Web page does the rest. Address:

  • "The 'Idiot's Guide' to Running Surveys and Experiments on the World Wide Web," by
    Kevin O'Neil, PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Address:

  • "PsychExps Developer's Corner," by Ken McGraw, PhD, University of Mississippi, provides information, documents, how-to's and links for creating online experiments using the software program Authorware. Address:

  • "Psychology Java Resources," Purdue University, provides information on resources that will help researchers get started programming in the software language Java--the primary language for creating Web-based experiments. Address:

  • "SurveyWiz," by Michael Birnbaum, PhD, California State University, Fullerton, allows the user to enter up to 90 personality or agree/disagree survey items or items that require either a numeric or text response from the subject. Address:

  • "WWW Survey Assistant," free for academic and noncommercial use, provides templates for creating surveys. Address: