Time Capsule

1775 Jean Itard, the man whose methods formed the basis of modern special education techniques, was born on April 24. His interest in special education began with the study of Victor, the "wild boy of Aveyron," and led to work with deaf persons.

1905 On April 25, psychologist Henry C. Lavery patented the "phrenometer," a helmet-like device with adjustable probes for measuring the shape of the skull and giving a character assessment based on phrenology. Its success was mainly confined to county fairs.

1935 The U.S. Army Air Corps Physiological Research Unit was authorized on April 25. The unit was established at Wright Field, Ohio, under the command of Captain Harry G. Armstrong and conducted the first studies of human performance under the special environmental conditions of flight. After several name changes, the laboratory was named the Harry G. Armstrong Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in 1985.

1988 On April 15, a psychologist was accused in the first formal criminal charge of falsifying scientific data. Stephen E. Breuning of the Polk Center in Polk, Pa., was charged with submitting fraudulent research results in a National Institute of Mental Health grant application for more than $200,000. On Sept. 19, 1988, he pled guilty.

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