In Brief

It's time for psychology's undergraduates to have a forum for their own research, believes Stanford University's George Slavich. That's why Slavich and several of his colleagues have launched the "First Ever Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference," sponsored by the Stanford Undergraduate Psychological Association (SUPA) and Psi Chi.

All students--undergraduate and graduate--professors and spectators are invited to attend the conference on May 19, at Stanford.

Officially, the event seeks to support and encourage undergraduate research efforts in the field of psychology. But the impact will be much greater. All conference proceeds will be donated to South San Francisco High School, which will use the funds to buy new books and materials for psychology classes.

Slavich, a master's student in psychology and communication, has organized an impressive team of seven other students with various backgrounds to organize the event: Erica Aronson, Joanne Chan, Anthony Chui, Dave Gustafson, H'Sien Hayward, Michael Osofsky and April Ray.

To be eligible to present at the conference, students must be enrolled as undergrads or have graduated but present research conducted during their undergraduate study. After the presentations, students and professors will meet in small groups to discuss research in each student's interest area.

In addition, the conference will feature a keynote address by Robert B. Cialdini, PhD, Regents' Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and Visiting Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Cialdini is known for his research in social influence, persuasion and altruism.

Stanford faculty advisor James Gross, PhD, says the conference is the result of widespread efforts by Stanford to make more opportunities available to undergraduate researchers.

"The fruits of Stanford's investment are evident in an exciting, new level of excellence in undergraduate research projects," he says. "The conference will provide a wonderful opportunity for undergraduates from across the nation to present their psychological research to an audience of fellow undergraduates, graduate students and faculty."


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