April 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 4

April 2002 Monitor cover

New hope for pain relief

Empty prescription medicine bottle


New Mexico becomes first state to gain Rx privileges

Psychology's push for prescription privileges is finally rewarded--and could set an important precedent for other states.

New lessons on children and stress

One psychologist's work has changed researchers' assumptions of how children cope after disaster.

Helping kids cope with a new threat

In the wake of Sept. 11, there are ways parents can foster children's sense of security.

Undergrads flock to classes on trauma

In the wake of Sept. 11, schools respond to students' increased interest in terrorism and other traumatic life events.

From classroom to clinic and back

Some of the best research is sparked by students, tested in the lab, put into practice and fed back to classes as theory. And so the loop goes.

Is research at risk?

In recent years, the mantra at research universities has been, 'pay more attention to teaching.' Some say that might be undermining the ability to do research.

Tech enrichment or overkill?

Amid growing awareness that computerized slide presentations can bore students, academics look to use the software more interactively.

What can resolve the paradox of mental health disparities

A first-of-its-kind national survey promises to shed new light on ethnic and racial health disparities.

Psychologists help companies traverse the minefields of layoffs

Insensitive treatment spurs anger and legal action from laid-off employees, and negative press follows. Psychologists are stepping in to help.

More psychologists are attracted to the executive coaching field

Psychologists in executive coaching say joining the field requires business and psychological know-how.

A different kind of coaching

In her work with professional athletes, Yolanda Bruce Brooks concentrates on the person in the player.

Psychology around the world

Psychologists recognize a history of oppression as they work with indigenous Australians.

Interested in preventing Child Maltreatment?

APA's Div. 37, Section 1, seeks to attract more practitioners and basic researchers to the field.


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