APA has released three versions of a documentary that explores the loss Americans suffered as a result of Sept. 11 and what they've found, or must find, within themselves and their communities to heal. "Reclaiming Hope...in a Changed World" is offered in three formats:

  • A 56-minute version broadcast on PBS stations nationwide this spring.

  • A 17-minute version of the firm for classroom and community use.

  • "Reclaiming Hope...in a Changed World for Kids," a 12-minute video, which deals with the special needs of children as the war of terrorism and its uncertainties continues.

Each version features psychological experts in trauma and loss as well as other professionals, reflecting on the meaning of Sept. 11 and on how Americans can regain their emotional footing and reclaim hope. The "For Kids" version will be especially valuable to parents, providing them with information and tools to help their children express and understand their emotions.

"Reclaiming Hope...in a Changed World" was written and directed by Robert Parish.

For more information, see http://www.apa.org/videos/hope/.To order, contact APA at (800) 374-2721, ext. 5510.