In Brief

Despite terrorist warnings and the sixth largest snowstorm to hit the Washington, D.C., area in recorded history, APA's Council of Representatives met Feb. 14 and 15, and took a number of noteworthy actions.

It was the largest council ever assembled due to a plan the membership adopted in 2001 that increased the number of representatives from approximately 150 members to 162 members. Prior to 2003, the number of council members varied from year to year based on the apportionment ballot results and the number of coalitions formed by states, provinces and territories not holding a seat on council. All states provinces and territories are now fully and individually represented in the group.

Among the council's actions were:

  • The approval of recommendations from the Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP) that sports psychology and the assessment and treatment of serious mental illness be recognized as proficiencies in professional psychology. Also approved was the CRSPPP recommendation for the continued recognition of industrial and organizational psychology as a specialty in professional psychology.

  • The approval of a motion with the language, "APA reaffirms its commitment to the designation of health service psychologists as primary health care providers in relevant federal, state and local regulations, and in federal funding programs designated for primary care practitioners. APA views this as a long-term goal in pursuit of which a variety of actions have already been undertaken and will continue to be undertaken as strategic openings and opportunities can be made available." APA's Education and Practice Directorates have a number of ongoing activities in this area.

  • The creation of a Task Force on the Psychological Effects of Efforts to Prevent Terrorism. Funding in the amount of $5,000 from the council's discretionary funds will support the group's work. The group will study the effects of current terrorism-prevention strategies on acts of terrorism and the American public.

  • Approved the sunsetting of the Committee on Urban Initiatives while creating a Task Force on Urban Psychology. The task force will meet once and submit a report to the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest. The task force will sunset at the end of 2003.

  •  Approved the proposed 2003 final budget, which called for an end-of-year surplus of $385,300.

  • Allocated $15,000 of its 2003 discretionary funds to create a Children and Adolescents Task Force of the Ad Hoc Committee on End-of-Life Issues. The task force will consider the special needs of critically ill children and their families.

  • Allocated $35,300 of its 2003 discretionary funds for the creation of a Task Force on Psychology's Agenda on Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

  • Approved a resolution on the maltreatment of children with disabilities (see article on APA resolution).

  • Allocated $20,000 from its 2003 discretionary funds to support grant- writing efforts associated with a proposed conference entitled, "Psychology, public policy and communities of color in the United States and throughout the world: critical issues, knowledge and skills."

  • Approved the inclusion of $83,800 in the final budget to fund special projects for membership recruitment and retention in 2003.

  • Allocated $15,000 of its 2003 discretionary fund to support production expenses for a book on women of color leader psychologists, to be published by APA.