Clinical psychologist and 1977 APA President Theodore Blau, PhD, died in January. Blau, author of "The Psychologist as Expert Witness" (J. Wiley, 1998), was the first independent practitioner elected as APA president and worked in a variety of psychological fields throughout his career, including addiction, forensics and assessment.

Besides practicing clinically, Blau taught at several universities and was a consultant to numerous federal and local law-enforcement agencies. For instance, he was an inspector for the U.S. Customs Service and also provided pro bono psychological assessments for the Palm Beach County public defender's office.

Former APA CEO Raymond D. Fowler, PhD, says he remembers Blau well: "One of my favorite memories of Ted was when he was invited to the White House during his APA presidency. According to Ted, his family had insisted that he buy a new dark suit for the occasion because the one he had was from Sears, and they didn't think it was appropriate. He decided to wear his old suit anyway and was delighted to report, when he got back from the White House, that Jimmy Carter was wearing the same Sears suit. Whether the story was precisely true or not--Ted was a great storyteller--it made a great story."