The American Psychological Foundation (APF) and APA's Div. 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) are seeking applications for the Henry Hécaen and Manfred Meier Neuropsychology annual scholarship program, which offers one-year grants of $2,500 each to two graduate students who show promise or achievement in their graduate study and research in neuropsychology.

The scholarships derive from major gifts from neuropsychologist Arthur Benton, PhD, to honor esteemed neuropsychologists Hécaen and Meier each year. Henry Hécaen was a French neurologist, instrumental in the founding and development of neuropsychology as a science. Retired University of Minnesota researcher Manfred Meier, PhD, helped establish the university's neuropsychology laboratory, where he conducted neuropsychological research on patients with epilepsy, cerebrovascular disorders and Parkinson's disease.

The application deadline is June 1. Interested applicants should submit a letter that documents their scholarly or research accomplishments and explains their need for and planned use of the financial award. The letter should be co-signed by the applicant's faculty mentor or director of training after he or she has certified the accuracy of the student's information. Send seven copies of the letter and of any supporting materials (e.g., a copy of the cited scholarly or research work) to: Hécaen and Meier Scholarships, APF, Attn: Shana Hawkins, at the APA address.