April 2004 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 35 No. 4

April 2004 Monitor cover

Behavioral Genetics

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APA's new Ethics Code from a practitioner's perspective

Practitioners were influential in the creation of the code.

One green pea on a plate


An evolutionary explanation for anorexia?

Modern anorexia may stem from an adaptation that helped ancient nomadic people find food, according to a recently proposed theory.

New leadership for APA's Science Directorate

With Steven J. Breckler at the helm, the directorate will build bridges linking the science of psychology with other sciences and disciplines.

Training psychologists for PREMIER careers

Duke University's new training program for minority researchers uses extra funds and a one-on-one focus to fuel innovative research.

Disciplines team to study race relations

NYU psychoanalytic and Africana studies programs form a pioneering partnership.

Learning how to learn

A psychologist's course combats failure in college, and now in high school.

Improving teacher quality

APA highlights psychology's contributions to education at a teacher education conference.

Stimulating the vagus nerve: memories are made of this

Psychobiologists show how the vagal pathway links hormones outside the brain to neurotransmitters inside the brain to lock in memory of emotional or stressful events.

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Rediscover psychology's pioneers

Div. 1 is working on a sixth volume of its popular "Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology" book series.

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Psychology advocates prepare for funding tug-of-war

While 2004 congressional spending fell short of psychology's expectations, 2005 funding for key federal programs could drop even lower. APA's policy staff are poised to counter that possibility.