In Brief

An online archive of peer-reviewed experimental psychology materials has debuted on the Web site of the Psychonomic Society, a nonprofit scientific research organization. The collection--available at norms, stimuli, data and source code donated by more than 60 researchers and published last fall in two issues of the society's journal Behavioral Research Methods, Instruments & Computers (BRMIC).

The archive will accept content from papers published in past and future issues of the society's six journals, which include Psychonomic Bulletin & Review and Memory & Cognition. For example, it may include materials that cannot be printed in a journal, such as sound files, high-resolution photos, magnetic-resonance imaging scans or extensive tables. The archive will also add software source code and data sets.

An example of some of the materials already available are those contributed by James M. Clark, PhD, and Allan Paivio, PhD, which build upon a list of nouns widely used in memory research and published by Paivio and colleagues John C. Yuille, PhD, and Stephen A. Madigan, PhD, in a 1968 issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology (Vol. 76, No. 1, Part 2). The 1968 list included 925 nouns rated for concreteness, imagery and meaningfulness. For the archive and special BRMIC issue, Clark and Paivio extended the original 925 nouns to 2,311, which researchers can access through the archive.


Further Reading

To contribute to the archive or for more information, contact a Psychonomic Society journal editor or the archivist, Jonathan Vaughan, PhD.