In addition to spreading the word about psychology's benefits through community events, the APA Practice Directorate's public education campaign disseminates that message through public service announcements, print publications and media outreach.

Most recently, Fortune magazine's 4.5 million readers received a five-page insert from the public education campaign on the benefits businesses reap when they take steps to protect their employees' mental health. The same insert appears between these pages of the Monitor on Psychology and is the first phase of the public education campaign's new direction, "MindBody Health: For a Healthy Mind and Body, Talk to a Psychologist."

"The insert stresses the mind-body connection in health," says Helen Mitternight, the Practice Directorate's assistant executive director of public relations. "And it's not just to convince consumers that there is a connection--we find that's already established--but to position psychologists, with their unique skills, as the best and most logical providers of these mental health services, whether alone or in collaboration with other health professionals."

The insert presents research on how mental health boosts productivity and highlights companies that have won APA's Psychologically Healthy Workplace Best Practice honors. It appeared in the Jan. 24 issue of Fortune alongside an article on the 100 best companies to work for in the United States.

"Now that it's in the Monitor," Mitternight adds, "we hope psychologists tear it out and share it with colleagues."