April 2005 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 36 No. 4

April 2005 Monitor cover

Psychological science for the 21st century

A eye and a puzzle piece


Probing the puzzling workings of 'depressive realism'

New studies hint depressed people may not factor context into judgments as much as the nondepressed--putting a new twist on the 'real' part of depressive realism.

Briefcase combination lock


Disclosing confidential information in consultations and for didactic purposes: Ethical Standards 4.06 and 4.07

Disclosing confidential information involves psychology's core values. Psychologists therefore consider the nature, purpose and manner of the disclosure when sharing confidential information outside the treatment relationship.

Girl looking through blinds


'Trust your first instincts': fallacious folklore?

Research shows that first instincts can stink, but we trust them anyway. Why?

When sitar meets guitar

New research suggests that people can glean emotional content from an unfamiliar culture's music.

Chemobrain: the hunt for answers

Is it more chemotherapy or the body's response to cancer that could sometimes affect the brain?

Friends indeed

Two psychologists founded the first university-based chapter of a group that taps volunteers to befriend people with mental illnesses.

A new kind of war

With thousands of returning troops who may need help battling trauma, civilian and military psychologists alike are finding new ways to help.

Resilience: The mental muscle everyone has

APA staff took its resilience message to military children by teaching them how to 'bounce back' from stress.

An alternative IDEA

Changes to the disabilities education law mean psychologists might need to learn and support different assessment methods.

Educating students about everyday math

Psychologist Neil Lutsky has made quantitative reasoning a priority at Carleton College.

Psychology in the stadium

Psychologist and former track star Nicki Moore helps the University of Oklahoma athletics department better serve its student-athletes.

A song for then and now

Arlo Guthrie reflects on bringing 'Alice's Restaurant' out of retirement for his upcoming tour, which stops at this year's APA convention.

A rare breed

A small but growing pack of psychologists works to improve animal-human interactions as certified applied animal behaviorists.

Fresh funding for translational research

Meet three psychologists tapping into federal dollars by making the bench-to-bedside bridge.

Exploring mistaken memories

A decision many questioned led Kathleen McDermott to win the $25,000 McGuigan Young Investigator Prize for her research on memory flaws.

A Closer Look


'A crucial time' for LGB research

APA's Div. 44 has its sights set on boosting science on lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) couples and families, and delivering key research findings to the public and policy-makers.



FY 2006: A funding squeeze

The administration's budget presents challenges for psychology.