April 2007 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 38 No. 4
April 2007 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Toxic America

Man with angry face


A case for angry men and happy women

Observers are quicker to see anger on men's faces and happiness on women's. A simple case of gender stereotyping, or something more deeply rooted?

Many red envelopes


Disclosures of information: Thoughts on a process

The possibility of disclosing information always invites a thoughtful process of considering values central to our profession.

Two girls standing back-to-back


That teenage feeling

Harvard researchers may have found biological clues to quirky adolescent behavior.

Introduction to science

Educators are increasingly using intro psych to teach the fundamentals of scientific inquiry.

The union label

While some professors favor unionization, others question its value.

APA council adopts reports on military mental health, sexualization of girls

Other action includes opposing the teaching of intelligent design as scientific theory and endorsing record-keeping revisions.

Operation cope and heal

A federally funded center is training psychologists to help military families and service members cope with the stress of deployment.

A towering figure

Daniel Kahneman will receive APA's lifetime contributions award at convention for his work challenging human rationality and decision-making.

Remembrance and renewal in Southeast Asia

A group of psychologists travels to Vietnam and Cambodia to learn more about each country's response to trauma.

Giving something back

An Afghanistan-born psychologist helps an effort to establish mental health care in her native land.

Carving out a new technology path

APA's new CIO will work to engage members through technology.

Bag filled with money


A mixed bag

Here's a look at proposed federal funding levels for programs affecting psychology.


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