Cover Story

The Decade of Behavior's Sept. 25 launch highlighted promising research spanning the breadth of social and behavioral science and touched on the five themes central to the initiative: health, education, safety, prosperity and democracy. The event featured 13 exhibitors:

  • A school-based intervention to reduce violence: INSIGHTS into children's temperament. Sandee McClowry, PhD, RN, division of nursing, school of education, New York University, in partnership with New York City Community School District Number 5.
  • Building on and building up students' mathematical thinking: Research-based professional development for improving mathematics teaching and learning. Thomas P. Carpenter, PhD, School of Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Developing healthy lifestyles among adolescent girls: Mimi Nichter, PhD, department of anthropology, University of Arizona.
  • Indian by birth: The Lumbee dialect: Walt Wolfram, PhD, department of English, North Carolina State University.
  • Market principles of price discovery: Charles Plott, PhD, division of humanities and social sciences, California Institute of Technology.
  • Research-based principles of student learning: John Bransford, PhD, Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University.
  • SES, health and economic behavior: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study. Robert Willis, PhD, and F. Thomas Juster, PhD, department of economics and Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.
  • Smoking cessation and nicotine dependence in African Americans: A research program: Jasjit Ahluwalia, MD, MPH, departments of preventive medicine and internal medicine, University of Kansas School of Medicine.
  • Social networks and the use of treatment systems: Bernice Pescosolido, PhD, department of sociology, Indiana University.
  • Stress in pregnancy and effects on the offspring throughout the life span: Christine Dunkel-Schetter, PhD, department of psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, and Marci Lobel, PhD, department of psychology, State University of New York­Stony Brook.
  • Using human factors to build an efficient and safe future aviation system: Raja Parasuraman, PhD, department of psychology, The Catholic University of America.
  • Using technology to integrate behavioral research and teaching: The case of crime and punishment. Kent Portney, PhD, department of political science, Tufts University, and Steve Cohen, PhD, director of instructional technology assessment, Tufts University.
  • Youth and civil society: Constance Flanagan, PhD, College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University.