In Brief

APA has awarded 2000 Suinn Minority Achievement Awards to three graduate psychology departments excelling in ethnic-minority issues:

  • The counseling psychology program at the University of Missouri¬≠Columbia.
  • Texas A&M University's school psychology program.
  • The counseling psychology program at Pennsylvania State University.

The awards, in their second year, recognize graduate psychology programs that have demonstrated excellence in recruiting, retaining and graduating ethnic-minority students. The selection committee bases its decisions whether programs reflect an overall commitment to cultural diversity in all phases of departmental activity; the number and percentage of ethnic-minority students enrolled; and the number and percentage of ethnic-minority students who earned doctorates in the past five years.

Specifically, the University of Missouri­Columbia was recognized for aggressively addressing issues of multiculturalism, including establishing a center for multicultural research, training and consultation and faculty contacting potential minority students.

Texas A&M was recognized because, over the last five years, one-quarter of the school's psychology doctorates have been awarded to ethnic minorities, partly due to its Doctoral Training Grants, which focus exclusively on recruiting and training doctoral-level bilingual school psychologists.

And Penn State's counseling psychology program was honored because it actively recruits ethnic-minority students and has integrated multicultural counseling issues throughout its program, leading to a student enrollment that is 49 percent ethnic-minority.

This year's runners-up are the University of Virginia clinical psychology program, the counseling psychology program at Fordham University and Oregon University's counseling psychology program.

APA will present the award for at least the next eight years to continue to encourage diversity. APA's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs is soliciting nominations from graduate students for next year's awards, which will be presented at APA's 2001 Annual Convention in San Francisco.


    Further Reading

    For more information, contact Adisa A. Ajamu, Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs, at the APA address; fax: (202) 336-6040; e-mail.