December 2000 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 31 No. 11

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A decade of behavior


Time Capsule

1904 On Dec. 29, APA members elected as their president Mary Whiton Calkins of Wellesley College, making APA the first American scientific society to elect a woman president.

A key entering a lock


All work and all play

Developmental psychologist finds a niche in a 'smart toy' world.

And the Presidential Citations go to. . .

The following people received Presidential Citations from APA President Pat DeLeon

APA member to the rescue

APA member Nadine Kaslow, PhD, made a significant difference for APA's Public Policy Office (PPO) this year on federal legislation to address racial and ethnic health disparities.

Curriculum's goal is to prevent child abuse

The coursework helps teachers address a sensitive issue more effectively with students.

In the digital age, experts pause to examine effects on kids

Tallying the pluses and minuses for kids in today's high-tech world is the wrong approach. Instead, it's important to recognize that interactive technology's impact on child development is likely to be more complex.

New APA ethics director stresses educating psychologists

Stephen Behnke sees APA's Ethics Office as a resource for members.

Register for National Alcohol Screening

APA is sponsoring the third annual National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD), to be held April 5, and is urging members to participate.

Stand and deliver

Seasoned faculty share their secrets for crafting and presenting engaging lectures.

The audience is always right

New editor takes a comprehensive look at what her readers want.

Violence prevention programs need better evaluation, psychologist testifies

Researchers need funding to evaluate the best way to implement violence prevention programs, APA member Patrick H. Tolan, PhD, told a House of Representatives subcommittee during an October hearing on preventing and fighting crime.

A gift of love

An experimental psychologist generously gave $3 million to his profession in memory of his wife.

New Jersey settlement offers strong protections for psychologists

Ruling could have implications for all psychologists who work with managed-care companies.

Human factors viewed as key to reducing medical errors

Will health care partner with social scientists to tackle medical errors?

Rural life holds particular stressors for women

An APA Practice Directorate report to Congress calls for more research and services for this underserved population.

An Rx privilege project gets another look

Psychologists sum up the success of a project that trained psychologists to prescribe psychotropics.

Preferring the predictable

People are much more comfortable with anxiety-provoking events that are predictable, a new study concludes.

Why do 'they all look alike'?

It's not that people can't perceive subtle differences among those who belong to other racial groups. Rather, they code race first, then don't explore a person's more distinguishing features, a new study suggests.

Smoking increases teen depression

Recent research suggests a new twist in the relationship between smoking and depression in adolescents.

Pre-empting racism

A psychologist's model outlines children's understanding of race and ethnicity.

Surgeon General taps psychologists for children's action agenda

Psychologists' input provides a blueprint for the next Surgeon General's report.

Teaching truth, beauty and goodness

Instruct K-12 students about these three topics and watch them learn to think, says renowned educator Howard Gardner.

Lindsay will focus on enhancing impact of general psychology journal

New JEP:G editor encourages interdisciplinary work.


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