December 2001 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 32 No. 11

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Highlights from APA's Annual Convention

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Darwin 101

A primatologist urges psychologists to embrace Darwin, but with more sophistication.

Report expected to bring 'research and action'

Jeanne Miranda, PhD, was one of several psychologists who worked to bring to fruition Mental Health: Culture, Race and Ethnicity, the supplement to the Surgeon General's 1999 report on mental health.

Same office, different aspirations

When it comes to determining values, APA ex-presidents agree to disagree.

Strength in collaboration

When employers build collaborative, caring environments, workplaces are more productive, explained James Campbell Quick.

'Who then likes competent women?'

Janet T. Spence receives this year's APA Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology.

Culture counts in mental health services

U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher uses APA's Annual Convention as the forum for releasing a special report on mental health.

Where are new psychologists going?

APA's Research Office presents employment and salary data at the 2001 Annual Convention.

Memory loss may be behind older people's susceptibility to scams

A new theory posits that lapses in conscious memory may lead older people to misremember events, and thus get lured into shaky deals by others.

Chimps have minds of their own

Researcher urges science to recognize the idea of diversity among minds.

Fast-food culture serves up super-size Americans

Stop blaming people or their genes--it's an abundance of unhealthy, heavily advertised, low-cost food that underlies the nation's obesity crisis.

Families make the difference

The best way to prevent violence by adolescents is to create strong family connections, said APA Presidential speaker William Pollack.

Are men emotional mummies?

Two psychologists present their differing theories.

Has men's health become invisible?

One psychologist's evidence-based model is helping health professionals better manage the health of male patients.

Assessing women and their medications

Understanding how psychotropic medications may uniquely affect a woman is a critical part of providing optimal psychological care.

Prescription privileges quest follows several paths

Psychologists share their diverse strategies for gaining the right to prescribe.

Medicating ADHD: Too much? Too soon?

School nurses administer more daily medication for ADHD than for any other chronic health condition. Is this a disquieting trend or a realistic response?

New strategies in children's mental health

An NIMH psychologist spells out the changes sparked by the Surgeon General to improve children's services.

Strategizing on children's mental health

Psychology leaders with a stake in children's health and mental health mapped out APA's priorities for children for the next three to five years.

Preventing another Columbine

Collaborative school environments help stave off violence, argued a top education researcher.

Is too much riding on high-stakes tests?

Convention speakers cautioned against basing students' academic futures solely on standardized tests and suggested alternatives.

Emotional intelligence for a better community

Div. 27's president urged community psychologists to look to emotional intelligence for guidance on building a healthier society.

Safeguarding privacy in a digital world

APA Practice Directorate's Town Hall meeting briefed attendees on the implications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Determining psychology's role in a changing health-care scene

At a brainstorming event, leaders in the field focused on prevention.

PracticeNet™ will capture the data

Unique tool will provide information about psychological practice.

Miles gained, miles to go for education advocacy

APA celebrated points scored for graduate psychology education but warned that those wins aren't a sure thing.

How to survive grad school

For minority students, the right strategies make all the difference, said convention speakers.

Mulling over methods training

Training in research methods and measurement doesn't teach the newest methods, a survey finds.

Council takes steps to increase participation and representation

APA's Council of Representatives approved a plan to provide representation to each division and state and provincial association and supported an initiative to increase ethnic minority participation.


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