"All of the authors except one are psychologists," noted Miranda, the report's senior science editor and a faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles.

And that makes sense, she says, because psychologists have "led the way in ethnic-minority research." But, there is still a "tremendous need for research," she added.

"Ethnic minorities haven't participated in treatment outcome research, so there's no real evidence about what treatments work for ethnic minorities," she said.

"We need to really understand how treatment affects ethnic minorities," she said. However, she noted, "They are not seeking treatment. Researchers are predominantly white. We don't provide enough services, such as Spanish services."

She admits she was surprised by the numbers. "Minorities are among the most vulnerable groups. Approximately 40 percent of the homeless population are African American....As a field, we don't really think about them enough."

Miranda says she hopes the report will spur action in the field. "We haven't moved ahead in a long time. Now that there will be national attention on this, I'm optimistic it will bring more research and action."

--J. DAW