The council took a break from meetings to hold a special ceremony to honor psychologists who provided psychological services in Vietnam. APA President Norine G. Johnson, PhD, presented the awards, saying the recipients "deserve very high praise for their service to their country."

Johnson also mentioned that the hundreds of psychologists who may have served in Vietnam before they became psychologists, as well as many who were not deployed, also deserve commendation.

The following psychologists were recognized "for having performed their duties in Vietnam where they had to face the discomforts and hazards of service in a combat theater":

  • Charles R. Curran, PhD

  • James M. Herrel, PhD

  • Albert J. Kastl, PhD

  • Gerald P. Krueger, PhD

  • Lewis J. Malgieri, PhD

  • Frank Norton, PhD

  • Robert O'Donnell, PhD

  • Jim L. Olson, PhD

  • Kirk A. Parry, PhD

  • Donald J. Platner

  • Arthur J. Rudy, PhD

  • Ely Sapol, PhD

  • David A. Sena, PhD

  • C. Wayne Shore, PhD

  • Morris D. Stanton, PhD

  • David J. Sullivan, PhD

  • Victor H. Thaler, PhD

  • William J. Weiner

  • David L. Willard, PhD

--J. DAW