Participating in the grassroots campaign to promote resilience doesn't have to take hours of your time. APA's Practice Directorate recommends several quick and easy ways for Members to get the word out about resilience:

  • Display the resilience brochures. Place them in your office, waiting rooms of hospitals or colleagues' offices, schools and information racks in libraries and other public facilities.

  • Add a tagline to your e-mail signature or to letters. Your signature line could promote a place people can go for more information on resilience such as APA's toll-free number (800) 964-2000 or consumer Web site.

  • Post information on Internet bulletin boards. When planning a resilience event, promote it on online bulletin boards in your community and consider sharing it in chatrooms you may participate in.

These and other ideas are outlined in the "Aftermath: The Road to Resilience" media tool, available by calling 877-274-8787, ext. 135.