December 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 11

December 2002 Monitor cover

Ray retires

Method of understanding a problem


Thinking clinically

A new study shows how clinicians' theories could affect their diagnoses.

A trees shadow


Psychology mourns

Mental health advocates grieve over the loss of Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife, Sheila, and Wellstone staffer Mary McEvoy.

Psychologist wins Nobel Prize

Daniel Kahneman is honored for bridging economics and psychology.

Friends indeed

Social support from pets can lower stress, research shows.

Different shades of perception

A new study shows how learning--and possibly language--can influence color perception.

On a mission to save lives

An L.A. psychologist develops a pilot program for screening and treating African women with cervical cancer.

Learning by doing

Four keys to fostering undergraduate research in your laboratory.

Attracting more school psychology faculty

As faculty positions in school psychology programs remain unfilled, psychologists will explore ways to make these jobs more attractive in a February meeting.

Assessing educational success

At a recent conference, educators at all levels swapped strategies for gauging student learning and tapping recently approved psychology learning goals.

Building resilience from the grassroots up

APA Members take the 'Road to Resilience' campaign to the public

Help for those who work with adolescents

An APA reference gives professionals insight into an often-misunderstood age group.

Success in the states

In 2002, states passed laws that protect psychotherapy notes, provide mental health parity and give psychologists the right to prescribe.

A healthy connection

A briefing on Capitol Hill focused on the ties between behavior and health.

What I learned in mind control

An open letter to psychology professor Phil Zimbardo

APA fund stimulates international networking

APA's Office of International Affairs has established an annual $3,500 fund to provide support for international psychology meetings and conferences. Financial need will be considered in selecting recipients and in determining the amount of support.

Holding a hat in the air


Hats off to our psychology advocates

APA celebrates a year of successes on federal initiatives key to psychology.