In Brief

A new video series from APA offers guidance to psychologists who want to boost their expertise in counseling patients with health problems.

Psychotherapy Videotape Series III: Behavioral Health and Health Counseling was created by Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, to help practitioners and graduate psychology students develop beginning skills in this area. "We're all called on to work with these problems, although we [often] haven't had formal training," says Carlson, who also hosts the series. "Many patients won't go elsewhere for treatment. If we don't provide it, it doesn't happen."

Topics in the 12-part series include physical fitness, genetics counseling, nicotine addiction, cardiac rehabilitation, childhood asthma and breast cancer. Each video includes a discussion between Carlson and an expert in the featured area, a therapy session with a real client and therapist, and Carlson and the expert having a "lively" talk-show-style discussion about the therapy session.

"We used real people with real problems," and award-winning producers and directors worked on this series, says Carlson, a professor at Governors State University in University Park, Ill., and a counseling psychologist in Geneva, Wis. "We used three cameras in production, which allows a quality very similar to what people are used to seeing on television and in movies," he notes.

The eight videos available include:

  • "Sleep and Sleep Disorders" with Edward J. Stepanski, PhD.

  • "Exercise" with Kate F. Hays, PhD.

  • "Drug and Alcohol Abuse" with William R. Miller, PhD.

  • "Sexual Health" with Lisa A. Firestone, PhD.

  • "Weight Loss and Control" with Ann Mary Kearney-Cooke, PhD.

  • "Smoking Cessation" with Bonnie J. Spring, PhD.

  • "Pain Management" with Robert J. Gatchel, PhD.

  • "Chronic Illness" with Len Sperry, PhD.

To order the series call (800) 374-2721.