In Brief

The British Psychological Society (BPS) welcomes APA members and history scholars to tap its History of Psychology Centre, an archive of British psychology history that includes materials from psychologists such as E.C. Tolman, Henri Tajfel and Charles Spearman as well as recordings of interviews with, and talks by, eminent psychologists such as Anna Freud, B.F. Skinner and Jean Piaget. The archive aims to have the catalog of its entire collection available via the Web by next year, says director Graham Richards, DLitt, a professor of psychology at Staffordshire University.

Located at BPS headquarters in London, the archive also has a growing collection of psychological test materials as well as historical documents and meeting minutes that outline the history of BPS from its founding meeting in 1901. Other British psychologists whose books, letters and other documents are featured in the archive include Leslie Hearnshaw, Charlotte Wolff, J.C. Raven and Albert Cherns.

The archive also includes 300 boxes of research reports and unpublished papers--many marked classified or restricted--of the Applied Psychology Unit of Great Britain's Medical Research Council, which, since the late 1940s, was involved in military psychology research and research on extreme environments, instrumentation and short-term memory. For more information, contact Richards at, write to the History of Psychology Centre, 33 John St., London WC1N 2AT, or visit