Cover Story

According to a July PracticeNet survey, more than half of 203 psychologist practitioners said they asked about spirituality in their last treatment session.

PracticeNet surveys provide snapshots of information by looking only at volunteer psychologist participants' most recent episodes of care within a brief time frame, such as 72 hours (see page 31). This recent survey also found that:

  • Approximately 70 percent of the respondents said their most recent clients expressed a belief in a divine being.

  • For 35 percent of the participants' clients, spirituality was a source of strength and coping.

  • For 6 percent of the clients, spirituality was a source of distress.

  • Four of the psychologist respondents said that spiritual matters directly contributed to the client's present problems.

  • Two of the respondents said that they had engaged in some type of religious activity with their client.