APA's Committee on Aging (CONA) honored geropsychologist George Niederehe, PhD, with the Award for Advancement of Psychology and Aging for his role in developing the field of geropsychology, through, for example, his leadership in geriatrics at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and his efforts to promote the recognition of geropsychology within APA. Niederehe also helped establish Section II (Clinical Geropsychology) of APA's Div. 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology).

CONA presented Niederehe with the award on Oct. 1 during APA's Committee on Aging fall 2004 meeting. Niederehe is the chief of NIMH's geriatric translational behavioral science and geriatric psychosocial treatment intervention programs.

Among his other contributions, Niederehe also co-chaired the Interdivisional Task Force on Practice in Clinical Geropsychology--composed of members from Div. 20 (Adult Development and Aging) and Div. 12, Section II--which developed the "Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults." The guidelines outline 20 principles for practicing psychologists working with older adults, spanning such topics as education, training, interventions and assessments. The guidelines (available at http://apadiv20.phhp.ufl.edu) were adopted by APA's Council of Representatives in 2003.

CONA honors a psychologist each year with the Award for Advancement of Psychology and Aging for contributions to the CONA mission. Psychologists can nominate a person who has made significant contributions to geropsychology for next year's award. Nominations must be received by May 15. For more information, contact Deborah DiGilio, APA Office on Aging, at (202) 336-6135; e-mail.