In Brief

Most psychologists employed in medical schools continue to hold full-time appointments (76 percent) and to work in departments of psychiatry and behavioral science (56 percent), according to the "2003 Employment Characteristics and Salaries of Medical School Psychologists" survey, conducted by APA's Research Office in collaboration with the Association of Medical School Psychologists (AMSP).

These findings for close to 2,000 medical school psychologists square with percentages from a similar 1997 APA/AMSP survey. However, the new results showed a notable change in one area: 2003 respondents reported more years since receiving their degrees. In fact, 46 percent had earned their doctorates 20 years ago or more compared with 33 percent in 1997. This finding was reflected in age, rank and tenure distributions, with greater proportions of advanced psychologists in higher categories.

Additional analyses of salary data by geographic region, years since doctorate, tenure, rank and gender appear in the report, available online at


 --W. PATE

William E. Pate II is a research officer in APA's Research Office.