The newly appointed members of APA's Committee on Early Career Psychologists and their representative areas are:

  • Guerda Nicolas, PhD, Education.

  • Miguel E. Gallardo, PsyD, Practice.

  • Nabil Hassan El-Ghoroury, PhD, Public Interest.

  • Felicia D. Smith, PhD, Science.

  • Brandon G. Briery, PhD, Division.

  • Christopher W. Loftis, PhD, State.

Members of the committee will elect a chair and determine initial terms at their first meeting. Two members will serve for three years, two for two years and two for a single year, to establish the pattern of annual rotation for three-year terms.

The APA Board of Directors liaison to the group will be named in January by the new APA 2005 president, Ronald F. Levant, EdD. The staff liaison will be Brandon Barba of APA's Public and Member Communications Office.


Further Reading

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