In Brief

An effort spearheaded by APA President Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, will create a central location on the Web that educators can use to develop course material that takes diversity into account. "This is something that will grease the skids and make it easier to incorporate diversity into teaching," says Koocher. The site, developed by the presidential Task Force on Diversity Education Resources, fits well with Koocher's interests in immigration and mentoring, he says.

Task force members, led by Mary Kite, PhD, president of Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology), have been assembling a bibliography of resources such as books, journal articles, Web pages, teaching activities, film and other media that address age, race, gender and other forms of diversity. Some materials also tackle crosscutting topics such as diversity-sensitive assessment and why teaching diversity is important, says Kite. She expects the initial list to incorporate approximately 1,000 resources that include topics from race and ethnicity to power and privilege.

"We're trying to narrow down the field for people who have yet to integrate diversity into their courses," she says. The task force is annotating the bibliography entries with information to help instructors determine what resources would be most appropriate for their needs, Kite adds.

"We want to make the list manageable--not cover the whole domain, but give people a starting point," emphasizes Kite. The task force plans to finish the bibliography in January and then begin working with APA's Web team to add it to the site. The rollout date has not yet been determined. Once the list is established, a group from Div. 2 will maintain it, she says.

--L. Meyers