The incoming editor of JEP: Applied, Wendy A. Rogers, PhD, sees the journal as embodying the perspective of British experimental psychologist Donald Broadbent, PhD, that for research to be practically relevant, it must advance both theory and practice. "By the very nature of the topic, research being published in JEP: Applied should be highlighted in the press," adds Rogers, a psychology professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She adds that the journal should provide ample material for APA press releases.

"Applied research, done well, has an impact on society--in the workplace, in education, for homeland security, for health care and many other arenas," she says.

Rogers' own research has focused on such areas as skill acquisition, design of automated systems, technology acceptance issues, and the effect of cognitive aging on older adults' ability to interact with technology. However, she plans a much wider scope for the journal.

"I don't intend to restrict myself," she says. "My goal is to show the very best of applied research in a broad sense." She would like to increase the number of submissions.

Ultimately, Rogers hopes to see the journal inspire a new generation of psychologists by showing them the role of experimental psychology in solving challenging practical problems. For example, she's interested in working with the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students and Psi Chi to attract more student readers.

--L. Meyers

Further Reading

Rogers will begin accepting submissions for the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied in January.