December 2007 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 38 No. 11

December 2007 Monitor cover

Humanitarian heroes

Wood fence on a grass field


False assumptions

Research suggests that people often fail to accurately predict what will lift their spirits. Why don't we know what will make us happy?

Is our happiness set in stone?

Some social scientists question the longstanding finding that people adapt to almost any life event.

People hiking up a mountain


Dangerous discipline

Some wilderness camps and other 'disciplinary' programs for teens are generating complaints of abuse and neglect--some of it fatal.

Psychology's ability to curb energy use

With U.S. Rep. Brian Baird at the helm of a powerful subcommittee, Congress is hearing more about the ways behavioral changes could save the planet.

Changing gears

Russ Newman looks back over his APA tenure and ahead at psychology's continuing challenges.

Psychology continues its 'brick-and mortar' work

Psychology makes gains in parity, health insurance, licensure and other areas.

Serenity now

East meets West as psychologists embrace ancient traditions to enhance modern practice.

As the world turns

Serial dramas that rely on top psychologists' theories are changing social behaviors worldwide.

Guidance in disaster's aftermath

New guidelines help humanitarians coordinate their first response to disasters.

Psychologists for politicians

A team of Harvard psychologists and researchers bring emotional expertise to the negotiation table.

Mission: synthesis

New Behavioral Neuroscience editor hopes to bring a wealth of new research topics to the journal's mix.

Beyond chalk and talk

As classrooms become more wired, Art Graesser aims to infuse more technology-driven content into the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Bringing psychoanalysis to life

The field may have waned in popularity, but psychoanalysis still has much to offer.

An eye on I/O

The Journal of Applied Psychology's new editor would like to encourage more theoretical papers that have the potential to advance empirical research.

Helping people quit

New addictions journal editor wants to publicize research on self-help groups.

The science of religion

The first editor of Psychology and Spirituality will include diverse perspectives.

Dual personalities

Shorter articles and a focus on innovative methodologies top the to-do list of new social psychology journal editor.

National Capital building front


SAMHSA's reauthorization

APA spells out its recommendations for Congress's reauthorization of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

State Leadership


The science of advocacy

Researchers learned to navigate Capitol Hill at the third annual Science Leadership Conference.




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