"Russ came into [his] leadership role at APA at a time when the political currents were all running the wrong way for psychologists. Health-care costs were going through the ceiling and no one in D.C. would talk about expanding coverage for our services: The corporatization of health care was escalating, and the balance of power in the Congress was decidedly unfavorable to our agenda. Practice was under attack like never before.

"To Russ fell the task of holding the fort against further losses while seeking out the small opportunities to advance our cause that became available from time to time. In that role, he performed admirably. And he held us all together.

"Now the political tide is beginning to shift more in our favor and better times may well lie ahead. Regardless of that, we all need to be mindful of the yeoman work done by Russ and the great staff he put together to work on our behalf under the dark clouds of conservative extremism, which has covered Capitol Hill for more than a decade."

--Ronald E. Fox, PhD
Former APA president and former chair of APA's Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP)

"Russ is an innovator. As indicated by the conception and development of the American Psychological Association Practice Organization, he can think outside the box. Perhaps, however, Russ's greatest skill is his ability to hire and retain superb individuals to work with him. He has made an enormous contribution to APA and its members, and he leaves a thriving legacy of an energetic and effective Practice Directorate. I will miss his energy and creativity."

--APA President Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD

"Russ is absolutely passionate about psychology and practitioner needs and interests. He has had tremendous vision about new opportunities for practitioners and practice niches and has worked tirelessly to promote and enhance practice in those areas. He has also been at the forefront in anticipating and identifying barriers to practice in the legal, regulatory, legislative, and marketplace arenas and has worked preemptively to remove those barriers and enhance practitioner interests wherever and whenever possible.

"Russ has been the practitioner's ultimate advocate--and at times a lone voice--but always ahead of the pack in enhancing where possible and defending where necessary the needs of practitioners."

--Katherine Nordal, PhD 2007 CAPP chair

"Russ's departure from APA represents the end of the most remarkable era for practice in the history of the association. He is leaving a truly breathtaking legacy of accomplishment on behalf of psychological practice. Our efforts in public policy and advocacy, legal and regulatory affairs, public education, and collaboration with state associations, just to name a few, all grew dramatically under Russ's thoughtful leadership. In so many ways, Russ has laid a strong foundation for our efforts on behalf of practitioners that will last for years to come. We were lucky to have him so long."

Norman B. Anderson, PhD