Steven W.J. Kozlowski, PhD, wants to enlarge the Journal of Applied Psychology's theoretical footprint.

"The journal has always published papers that can stimulate new research developments," says the incoming editor of the pre-eminent publication for industrial/organizational psychologists. "We currently promote and will continue to encourage more big theory submissions that encourage new research directions."

Topics in line with the journal's mission include personnel selection, performance measurement, work motivation, job attitudes and affect, leadership, the conflict between job and family demands, and cross-cultural differences in work behavior and attitudes.

Kozlowski, an industrial/organizational psychology professor at Michigan State University, has been a consulting editor for the journal for 10 years and has served as an associate editor for the last six. What excites him about the I/O field is that it affects so many people. And work is particularly important in the modern world: It's the arena where people pursue power, status, money and other personal goals, he says.

His own research has focused on how individuals, teams and organizations learn, develop and adapt. Over the years, he has explored these processes from myriad perspectives with research that has included technological innovation, organizational downsizing, new employee socialization, leadership, organizational climate and complex skill acquisition.

Kozlowski believes that his varied range of study represents the diversity of the field--and the journal. His work has given him a broad perspective, which he thinks will help him ensure that the journal covers the full spectrum of I/O. In fact, the variety of topics covered by I/O researchers is part of what makes the field so interesting, he says.

"Organizations are socially created, and so is work, which means it's constantly evolving and changing," Kozlowski explains. "That's what makes the field so vibrant."