February 2000 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 31 No. 2

February 2000 Monitor cover

Advances in mental health care


Spinning may fascinate, but it leaves no lasting impression

Our inability to remember particulars about spinning objects may help explain why the physics of rotation elude so many.


Students in a classroom taking notes


Q&A: Fitting 'PSY' into DNA

Francis Collins invites psychologists to help his genome institute 'sift through' the behavioral, social and legal consequences of genetic testing.

The Student Union: Where are all these students coming from?

Driven by the desire to help people and the potential for creative careers, students still flock to psychology

Marketplace Matters: Proving psychologists' value

Psychologists are conducting more patient outcomes studies to show the value of integrating behavioral services with physical health services.

Can academic values mesh with fiscal responsibility?

Business-like budgeting clashes with team spirit, some psychologists say.

A new twist on service learning

Donna Duffy highlights strengths, not deficiencies, to link scholarship with community work.

Lessons in diversity

Three psychology programs are recognized for excellence in recruiting, retaining and graduating ethnic-minority students.

Norman Anderson steps down

After five years, he's left behavioral and social sciences at the National Institutes of Health in a much stronger position.

Avoiding contractual pitfalls

More psychology practitioners are entering into contractual agreements and need to be wary.

How to protect your practice from fraud and abuse charges

Experts advise psychologists to take more care with claims submissions to cut risk of enforcement actions.

In search of the good life

Psychologists outline a plan for promoting human strengths through a positive approach.


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