February 2001 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 32 No. 2

February 2001 Monitor cover

The career path less traveled


Different dispositions, different brains

How our brains respond to emotional stimuli depends on the personalities we harbor, according to recent research.


Doctor holding a little girls hand


Emergency caregivers are at risk when working with children

APA and other health professionals are tackling the mental health needs of this vulnerable group.

Psychologically healthy workplaces

More state associations establish awards recognizing workplaces that work.

Rediscovered data confirm link between early intellect and dementia

Archival intelligence-test records, long presumed lost, provide a unique opportunity for scientists to compare childhood mental ability and later dementia.

Of mice (and rats and birds) and amendments

A controversial move to impose stiffer regulations on research involving rats, mice and birds has some researchers crying foul.

Hear Missouri roar

A small state association sues a state agency for full participation for psychologists and better access for beneficiaries under Medicaid.

APA has lead role in revising classification system

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health will create a more user friendly, more functionally oriented classification system that could improve health outcomes for patients, facilitate new mechanisms for reimbursement of practitioners and offer richer data for researchers.

Training that's more than bilingual

A PsyD program in San Antonio prepares students to serve Spanish-speaking clients.