American Psychological Foundation

The Board of Trustees and the staff of the American Psychological Foundation would like to thank the following contributors who have made donations to the foundation in honor or in memory of individuals and institutions that have had a special personal or professional impact on their lives:

IN MEMORY... Feb. 1-Sept. 30

In memory of Helmut Adler, PhD

Dr. Peter Francis Merenda

In memory of Anne Anastasi, PhD

Dr. Peter Francis Merenda and Dr. Robert Perloff

In memory of Earl Butterfield, PhD

Nancy M. Robinson, PhD

In memory of Dorothy Carter

Mr. Randy Phelps

In memory of Dr. Emory L. Cowen

Dr. Sidney A. Orgel

In memory of Rooks Daniels

Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

In memory of the parents of Patrick DeLeon, PhD, JD: Catherine Dzubay and Patrick DeLeon

Robert A. Brown, PhD

In memory of M. Ray Denny

Professor Abram M. Barch

In memory of Jacob and Rebecca Feifel

Herman Feifel, PhD

In memory of Dr. Richard Friedman

Dr. Norman B. Anderson

In memory of Henriette T. Glatzer, PhD

Dr. June E. Blum

In memory of Elaine B. Heath, PhD

Dr. Alyce M. Gligor

In memory of Ken Howard

Dr. Robert I. Yufit

In memory of Todd E. Husted

June R. Husted, PhD

In memory of Dr. Marvin A. Iverson

Dr. Mary E. Reuder

In memory of Timothy B. Jeffrey, PhD

Dr. Jeffrey E. Barnett

In memory of Bernard M. Kalinkowitz

Dr. Norma J. Hart

In memory of Dr. Bertram Karpf, PhD

Mr. Boris Breiger

In memory of Lillian Keeney

Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger

In memory of Lindsay Majovski

Lawrence V. Majovski, PhD

In memory of Abraham H. Maslow

Dr. Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero

In memory of Frances L. Mensh

Dr. Ivan N. Mensh

In memory of Kevin L. Moreland


In memory of Paul Mussen

Dr. Harrison Gough

In memory of Dr. Shifra Nathan

Dr. Carol J. Eagle

In memory of Jack A. Parrish, PhD

Dr. Donald L. Grant and Dr. Robert Perloff

In memory of Dr. Carolyn Payton

Raymond D. Fowler, PhD, and Dr. John D. Robinson

In memory of S. Stansfeld Sargent

Connie Botsford and Mr. William A. Hull

In memory of Dr. Virginia Sexton

Dr. Louis H. Primavera

In memory of Hiltrud Engel Siegel

Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger

In memory of William A. Shaw, PhD

Drs. O.W. and Lucy G. Lacy

In memory of Dr. William U. Snyder

Mrs. Jane W. Page

In memory of Mrs. Barbara Stanley, wife of Dr. Julian Stanley

Nancy M. Robinson, PhD

In memory of Dalmas A. Taylor, PhD

Sidney C. St. Leger, PhD

In memory of Ben Harold Tenenbaum, father of Detra Bennett

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD

In memory of Dr. Ben Willerman

Dr. Herbert W. Samenfeld

In memory of Frances Wolf

Raymond D. Fowler, PhD

In memory of John Wright

Nancy M. Robinson, PhD

In memory of Itamar Yahalom, PhD

Dr. Martin Reiser

In memory of Jay Ziskin

Dr. Mae Lee Billet-Ziskin

IN HONOR... Feb. 1-Sept. 30

In honor of Margaret Baggett, PhD

Dr. Joan S. Anderson

In honor of Ted Baroody

Dr. Robert Perloff

In honor of Sharon S. Brehm's inauguration as chancellor of Indiana University

Mathilda Canter, PhD

In honor of Dorothy Cantor, PsyD, in her election to president of APF

Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD

In honor of Dr. Gudrun Dieserud

Dr. Sidney A. Orgel

In honor of Professor Juris Draguns to commemorate his receipt of the 2001 APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology

Dr. Harvey J. Lieberman

In honor of Christopher Earl Ebbe

Dr. David T. Christensen

In honor of Norman and Eve Fertig

Dr. Alyce M. Gligor

In honor of Dr. Sidney A. Fine on his bar mitzvah at 85

Dr. Howard C. Olson

In honor of the adoption of Jillian Gerson

Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson

In honor of Dr. Gary Hanson

Kenneth R. Dye

In honor of Liz Kamen, PhD, upon entering the field of psychology

Carole and Mark Rosen

In honor of Florence W. Kaslow, PhD

Luciano L'Abate, PhD

In honor of Joseph Matarazzo, PhD, for the Russian Experience of 1966

Dr. Norman Fertig

In honor of Joseph D. and Ruth Gadbois Matarazzo for their lifelong love affair with psychology and with one another

Dr. Robert Perloff

In honor of Dr. Lee H. Matthews

Dr. Janet R. Matthews

In honor of James Pennebaker, PhD

Luciano L'Abate, PhD

In honor of the wedding of Sandra Wood and Randy Alexander

Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger

In honor of S. Richard Sauber, PhD

Luciano L'Abate, PhD

In honor of Dr. Bert and Ruth Schwartz

Stanley Moldawsky, PhD

In honor of Judy Strassburger for her dedication to and devotion for APA

Dr. Robert Perloff

In honor of Lisa Straus

Dr. Robert Perloff

In honor of Henry Tomes, PhD, for his leadership on behalf of psychology in the public interest

Dr. Robert Perloff

In honor of Wendy Williams

Dr. David W. Palmer

In honor of those uncelebrated and unextraordinary psychologists without whom psychology's trains would not run on time

Dr. Robert Perloff

Note: To make an honor or memory contribution, simply include a note with your gift indicating the name of the person or institution in whose honor or memory the gift is being made.

In addition, also include the name and address of anyone who should be notified by the APF of your contribution. Please print all information clearly and mail to APF at the APA address.

Every attempt is made to include all individuals who have made honor or memorial contributions to APF within the dates noted. Please call APF at (202) 336-5814 to report any adjustments.