Clinical psychologist Lizette Peterson, PhD, the new editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (JCCP), says one of the signatures of her editorship will be an emphasis on prevention.

"I'd like to see more focus on mental health and less on mental illness," says Peterson, a self-proclaimed "career-long preventionist" who has published extensively in pediatric psychology and child maltreatment.

She plans to continue to balance the methodological rigor and applicability of research in the journal, which she sees as the premier outlet for research in primary clinical psychology.

Diversity will be another focus for Peterson, who will attempt to boost diversity at all levels by encouraging the use of diverse research populations, increasing the use of diverse reviewers and emphasizing research suitable for a more diverse audience. She hopes to spread the word about findings in JCCP not only to its usual readers but also to the general public. She will also enlarge the scope of the journal to include manuscripts that investigate how research should be disseminated in the community.

Peterson brings a wealth of experience to her editorship. In addition to 18 years as a JCCP editorial board member, she was associate editor for Behavior Therapy and Health Psychology, editor of Behavior Therapy, and founding editor of Cognitive and Behavioral Practice. She spent three years heading the publications board of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy and three more years as the chair of the Society of Behavioral Medicine Publication Board. She says she wants her editorship of JCCP to be her "magnum opus" in her editorial career.

During her experiences with journal publication, she has increased her resolve to close the gap between editor and authors.

"I hope my associate editors will teach me things and learn things from me," she explains. "I hope everyone who reviews for JCCP will feel that it's a good educational experience and will feel that their help is appreciated."

Most of all she wants authors to walk away from their experience feeling that they were treated well; that their manuscripts were dealt with in a timely, fair fashion; and that their work benefited from being submitted to JCCP, whether the manuscript was accepted or not.

Peterson began accepting manuscripts last month for her six-year term, which begins in 2003. Manuscripts for the bimonthly publication--each volume begins in February--should be submitted electronically at http://www.jbo.com/jbofusebox/submissions/ dsp_jbo.cmf?journal_code=ccp or contact Lizette Peterson, Department of Psychological Sciences, 210 McAlester Hall, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211; (573) 882-6083; or e-mail petersonhomerl@missouri.edu.

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