In the notice of a contribution to the Campaign for a New Era by Dr. William and Mrs. Dorothy Bevan, there are two clarifications: First, the William Bevan Annual Lecture Series on Psychology and Public Policy was established by the trustees of the foundation in 1993 to honor Dr. Bevan's contributions in this area; it was not established by Dr. Bevan himself. Second, the Duke Talent Identification Program at Duke University locates gifted and talented children and adolescents across a 16-state area. 

The last paragraph of the article, "Selling to Children", implies that there are only two empirical studies examining the impact of commercialization on children. This is not correct; there is a large and rich literature examining various aspects of the effects of commercialization on children, most of which are cited in two papers of the APA Task Force on Advertising and Children. It is true, however, that the task force found only two empirical studies examining the impact of commercial practices within schools on children.