February 2003 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 34 No. 2

February 2003 Monitor cover

Cover Topic: Intelligence

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More protections for patients and psychologists under HIPAA

HIPAA's psychotherapy notes provision safeguards sensitive patient information.

ADHD: a women's issue

Psychologists are fighting gender bias in research on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Shutting down a practice

Psychologists face legal, ethical and emotional issues when they close their practice doors.

Psychology's first prescribers

DoD-trained psychologists have been paving the way so that others might one day prescribe.

Unraveling new media's effects on children

Responding to a barrage of questions from the public, researchers are just starting to discover how electronic technologies influence child development.

A changing student body

Today's psychology graduate students are more diverse and do more juggling.

Why we overestimate our competence

Social psychologists are examining people's pattern of overlooking their own weaknesses.

Novel approaches to understanding visual attention

APF early career prize recognizes promising research on the human mind.

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New Congress and new homeland security department take shape

Shifts in political power and an emphasis on homeland security will ultimately affect psychology.




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