Testing expert Carol Anne Dwyer, PhD, neuroscientist Bruce S. McEwen, PhD, and cognitive psychologist David E. Meyer, PhD, are this year's speakers for the 2003 APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture Program. Through the program, sponsored by APA's Science Directorate, each distinguished psychologist will speak at one of the seven regional psychological association annual meetings.

Meet the speakers:

  • Dwyer will speak on "Construct validity: theory into practice" at the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting in New Orleans, March 26-29. Dwyer is the vice president of the Educational Policy Leadership Institute and a distinguished presidential appointee at the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, N.J. She specializes in assessment and fairness in teaching and learning, and the use of construct validity theory to promote fairness in test design and appropriate test use.

  • McEwen will speak on "The end of stress as we know it" at the Southwestern Psychological Association meeting in New Orleans, April 17-19. He is the Alfred E. Mirksy Professor and head of the Harold and Margaret Milliken Hatch Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology at The Rockefeller University in New York. He studies the mix of environment, gene and hormonal effects on brain sexual differentiation and effects of sex, stress and thyroid hormones on the adult brain.

  • Meyer will speak on "New prospects for computational united theories of cognition and action" at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago, May 8-10. He is a professor in the cognition and perception program at the University of Michigan and directs the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory. His research focuses on fundamental aspects of human thinking and action, and modeling how they work.

APA's Board of Scientific Affairs, with the support of the regional association presidents, developed the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Program 13 years ago as part of its ongoing mission to promote scientific psychology.