In Brief

University of Missouri-Columbia's counseling psychology program is celebrating 50 years of continuous APA accreditation this year. It is one of six counseling psychology programs in the nation to reach that mile-marker since APA began its first wave of accrediting counseling psychology programs in 1952-53.

The university's department of educational, school and counseling psychology and its counseling and career centers plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary with a conference, April 4-6, for faculty, staff and students. The event will feature a broad array of workshops for researchers and practitioners. In addition, APA's Div. 17 (Counseling)--the conference's co-sponsor--will offer continuing-education credits for participation.

"The program has an incredibly rich history and in many ways reflect the evolution of the broader profession of counseling psychology," says Puncky Heppner, PhD, department chair. "We hope to be able to promote many opportunities for alumni to reminisce, learn about the recent personal and professional lives of each other and the profession of counseling psychology in general, as well as learn about recent developments in the program."

More than 600 alumni have passed through the top-ranked counseling program, which opened in 1946 to accommodate World War II veterans who flocked to the university.

The University of Missouri-Columbia shares the 50th anniversary milestone with six other counseling psychology programs--the University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, the University of Maryland, the Teachers College at Columbia University and the University of Texas at Austin. APA began accrediting programs in the late 1940s, but only clinical psychology programs. Thirty-seven clinical psychology programs have been accredited for 50 years or more.


Further Reading

Additional information on the conference is available online (PDF, 1.9MB).