February 2004 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 35 No. 2

February 2004 Monitor cover

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  • Debating access to scientific data

    A California-based group wants to put all scientific findings--including psychology's--online for free. The movement fails to acknowledge the financial realities of science publishing, critics say.

  • Data sharing: a different animal

    The power of information technology is putting another important issue on psychologists' plates: the ability to share large-scale electronic research databases.

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Number of psychology PhDs declining

Survey shows institutions are awarding fewer psychology PhDs and that the discipline continues to attract more women than men.

Honoring innovative graduate programs

APA recognizes four graduate psychology programs that offer new approaches to training.

Pushing for a higher standard

TOPSS highlighted its national standards for high school teachers at a social studies conference.

Bolstering training in psychology's underserved areas

Twenty-three grantees secure $3 million in federal Graduate Psychology Education funding for interdisciplinary training programs.

Controversial changes to Medicare

Recent Medicare legislation could mean broad changes for providers across fields.

Helping with post-conflict readjustment

Active duty and government-contracted psychologists work to repatriate American prisoners of war or detainees in hostile territory.

Accolades for research soldiers in the AIDS fight

APA awards go to three psychologists who were among the first to develop community AIDS prevention measures.

Research-based help for teens in jeopardy

Though a small proportion of adolescents end up in serious trouble, biology and culture put them all at risk for misbehavior, conference participants concluded.

Sleep, baby, sleep

Psychologist Jodi Mindell helps children--and their parents--get a good night's sleep.

When done right, Internet research yields rewards

Studies conducted online can be valuable and scientifically sound when unique ethical and research concerns are considered.

Programmed for psychopathology?

Stress during pregnancy may increase children's risk for mental illness, researchers say.

A shift in priorities at NIMH

Under the leadership of Tom Insel, the National Institute of Mental Health will direct its dollars toward research relevant to the treatment of mental illness.

Spotlight on...

For the next several months, the Monitor will feature psychology's leaders whose vision, time and financial support have made APF a major philanthropic organization for psychology.

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Toward better family dialogue

Div. 43 aims to strengthen the science-practice bridge within family psychology--and to be a model for other areas within the field.

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Serving psychology and promoting research and services

APA thanks the many psychologists who serve on federal advisory committees.