February 2005 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 36 No. 2

February 2005 Monitor cover

The changing face of psychology practice



APA joins in tsunami relief efforts

APA pledges financial assistance and psychological expertise in response to trauma wrought by the Southeast Asia tsunami.

Psychology gains new CPT testing codes for 2006

The codes are another step toward gaining higher Medicare reimbursement rates for psychological testing and assessment services.

Prescription for success

New Mexico is the first state to implement prescribing regulations for psychologists.

Hues and views

A cross-cultural study reveals how language shapes color perception.

Fuzzy math

A remote tribe that lacks a counting system suggests limitations on inborn representations of number.

Pitch perfect

Everyone may be able to learn to name pitches, but the window of time to do it occurs only early in life.

Express yourself!

Psychologists are bringing creative arts therapies into the mainstream.

Mind over media

An APA-supported summit plugged teens into how the media persuades.

Practicing what they teach

Three community college psychology professors take their classrooms out into their communities.

A mission to promote disability rights in Slovakia

Psychologist Daniel Holland aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Slovakia by studying ways to bolster the organizations that serve them.

Building a case

APA submitted five amicus briefs last year on issues such as same-sex marriage, race-based admissions and the juvenile death penalty.

'The most mentored professor around'

With the $20,000 Alexander Gralnick Award, Courtenay Harding is drawing on the mentoring she got as an undergraduate researcher to help a new generation of psychologists.

A Closer Look


Think again

A new book by Div. 24 members challenges its readers to critique psychology's long-held assumptions.


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