The December Monitor “In the Pubic Interest” column (page 29) listed in the second paragraph an incorrect name for a working group. The Working Group on Guidance-Based Practice for Children and Adolescents should have been called the Working Group on Evidence-Based Practice for Children and Adolescents.

An error was made in editing and several words were omitted from the letter to the editor, "Milgram and the CIA: Tortured allegations?" on page 8 of the January Monitor. The words, "the book suggests," should appear in commas after the word "conduits" in the last sentence of the third paragraph. Corrected, the sentence should read: "And because, according to the book, the CIA used other federal agencies as conduits, the book suggests, without any evidence and using "guilt by association," that Milgram's funding also originated from the CIA.

In the article, "Make connections," on this year's regional meeting schedule-page 45 of the January Monitor-the New England Psychological Association was misidentified as the Northeastern Psychological Association.