In Brief

Just in time to help launch the Decade of Behavior, former Senior Scientist Merry Bullock, PhD, returned to APA in September—this time as associate executive director for science.

Bullock, who served as APA's Senior Scientist from 1995 to 1997 before going to Estonia to direct an educational institute, will oversee Science Directorate staff working with the Board of Scientific Affairs, the Committee for Animal Research and Ethics, the Joint Committee on Testing Practices, the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment, the Committee on Scientific Awards and several task forces. And along with APA Executive Director for Science Richard McCarty, PhD, and Senior Scientist Nancy Dess, PhD, Bullock will represent APA at scientific meetings and conferences.

Bullock will also work with funding agencies, particularly the National Science Foundation (NSF), where she was formerly a program director. And she will continue work that was important to her while she was senior scientist—bringing psychological science to the general public.

"I feel strongly about promoting the processes of science—to help more people understand what it means to look at something scientifically," says Bullock.

In addition, Bullock will play a key role in APA President Pat DeLeon's Women in Science and Technology initiative. Along with staff in the Education and Public Interest directorates, she'll help plan programming for the initiative for next year's APA Annual Convention and build an agenda for preparing women psychologists for leadership roles in science and technology.

While in Estonia, Bullock served as the advisor to the president of the Estonian Academy of Sciences where she tackled broad scientific problems, such as identifying ways to help small countries best use their limited resources to advance science. Bullock also served as the first director of EuroCollege, an educational institute within the University of Tartu in Estonia that is focused on European studies and research and scholarship relevant to Estonia's invitation to apply for membership in the European Union.

Bullock's return to the United States doesn't signal an end to her involvement in international psychology. She is the Deputy Secretary-General of the International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS)—an organization that represents and fosters psychology internationally.