Time Capsule

1843 On Jan. 20, a British mechanic named Daniel M'Naghton shot Edmund Drummond, private secretary of Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, thinking Drummond was Peel. M'Naghton was later acquitted of murder because it was judged that his paranoid mental condition rendered him incapable of judging right from wrong. The M'Naghton rule is a landmark precedent of the modern insanity defense.

1889 On Jan. 1, the University of Pennsylvania gave the title of professor of psychology to James McKeen Cattell, who became the first American university professor with that title.

1959 The first comprehensive prepaid psychotherapy benefit in an insurance plan was implemented on Jan. 1 by Nicholas Cummings at the Kaiser-Permanente Health Plan on the West Coast.

1988 On Jan. 7, the New England Journal of Medicine reported the first use of a fetal tissue transplant to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Neurosurgeon Ignacio Navarro Madrazo of Mexico City's La Raza Medical Center transplanted brain tissue from a spontaneously aborted fetus into the brain of 35-year-old Leonor Cruz Bello, whose symptoms abated within weeks.

Source: APA Historical Database, created and maintained by Warren R. Street, Central Washington University, and published as "A Chronology of Noteworthy Events in American Psychology" (APA, 1994).