January 2001 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 32 No. 1

January 2001 Monitor cover

Research to the heart of the matter


When at last you don't succeed...

A new study shows that when animals are no longer reinforced for learned behaviors, they hedge their bets, conservatively persisting in behaviors that produced reinforcement before, but also trying creative, new strategies to gain rewards.


Boy jumping over a stair rail


Teens' risky behavior is about more than race and family resources

A new study concludes that school performance and extracurricular activities could be significant factors in staving off unhealthy behaviors.

'Dedicated to the history, strength and diversity of women'

APA president's ideology embraced by the new women's museum in Dallas

Speak up for yourself!

Re-elected congressmen and psychologists Ted Strickland and Brian Baird say their professional kin need to step-up their political involvement--or lose out to competing interests.

APA recognized for major contribution to passage of health disparities law

APA members--from graduate students to psychologists in nonprofit research organizations and psychological associations--made the difference.

Patients' rights: Ready to start up again

Coming months will see more wrangling over patients' rights under managed care.

Like mother, like daughter

To Florence and Nadine Kaslow, it's a family affair.

Does estrogen protect memory?

Research indicates that estrogen is a shield against cognitive decline during aging, and may even fend off Alzheimer's disease. But definitive results are still pending.

Parenthood detrimental to marriage? Not necessarily...

Marital researchers identify a prescription that may buffer newlyweds against stressors.

So many hats, so little time

Some ethnic-minority faculty say they have two jobs: fulfilling their academic responsibilities and representing their cultures. Here are strategies they use to bring balance into their lives.

Mentoring giant almost didn't find his own way

Remembering his own struggles in breaking the color barrier, Joe White has always reached out to help students.

Digital dissemination

More educators are developing online courses: Here are tips for transitioning from class-based to Web-based teaching.

Where happiness lies

Social scientists reveal their research findings in the realm of positive psychology.